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2014-06-24 06:24

MID-TRONIC sets standards in the field of double-sided SMT-assembly on flexible circuits

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2014-05-24 11:10

Check out our possibilities with our high-end SMD-line

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2013-11-07 07:15

MID-Tronic at Productronica 2013

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MID-TRONIC is always interested in qualified and committed people who like a challenge. We offer attractive jobs in a perfect team.

More information on vacancies at MID-TRONIC

How customers benefit from our experience and high technology

Having started in 2009, MID-TRONIC is exclusively dedicated to combining electronic functions with optical soft plastic products.


Here we focus upon the MID technology. From 1995 to 2005,  hopes were pinned on the MID-technology, which, however, remained unfulfilled.

But today, things are different!

Since market requirements have changed, many a technology developer, plant manufacturer and service provider’s pioneering spirit and business people’s stamina have been able to turn things around.

The successful 3-D MID e.V. research association pools and coordinates the interests of manufacturers of materials and of universities, of plant manufacturers and of users.

The laser-direct-structuring technology (LDS) has asserted and established itself in the mass market. This was made possible by an efficient plant technology and sophisticated processes.

In addition, the 2K-MID technology saw major breakthroughs like, for example, for the realization of automotive braking systems’ safety components.

These and many other applications from the MID family’s range of technologies increase our confidence in the MID technology’s dependability and assertiveness.

We see the priority in the attainment of our quality targets in its economic feasibility and a process-reliable serial production.

The combination of the 50 years experience of our parent company, Wiesauplast, with high-performance polymers with Karl Görmiller’s 20 years of experience in made-to-order electronics production as a self-employed businessman forms the basis for attaining our ambitious growth targets.