Film insert molding

A flexible conductor path film structure is inexpensively produced in a roll-to-roll process.


Depending upon the desired spatial structure of the component, this film system can be pre-formed and cut.

This is followed by a precise insertion of the film element into the injection molding tool. The polymer insert molding makes for a stable and application-specific sandwich component.

The injection molding polymers are in line with the application’s subsequent steps (e.g. soldering) and are also geared to the conductor path film structure bond. 

The sandwich component can then undergo a 3D electronics assembly.

One advantage is the short in-house process chain: From the injection molding machine into the 3D pick & place machine!



The production sequence:



• Extrusion of the backing film


• Creation of the conductor path map


• If need be, forming and punching the film


• Film insert molding





The performance characteristics:


Representable degree of complexity: Medium tl_files/layout/img/wait-button.png
Design variance: 2,5 D tl_files/layout/img/wait-button.png
Conductor path structure width: 0,1 mm tl_files/layout/img/ok-button.png
Distance btw. conductor paths: 0,1 mm tl_files/layout/img/ok-button.png
Change flexibility: Medium tl_files/layout/img/wait-button.png
Variant suitability: Yes tl_files/layout/img/ok-button.png
Market acceptance: Good tl_files/layout/img/wait-button.png
Available polymer basis: Limited tl_files/layout/img/ok-button.png