Hot stamping

A special film structure is bonded with an injection molding part under pressure and heat in a hot stamping press.


Basically, the film structure consists of a copper film basis, an adhesive substance and a surface finish.

For a dependable structure representation during the stamping process, the mechanical characteristics of the film system are of major importance.

The market provides a number of film systems with various surface finishes.

Hot stamping is a comparatively easy-to-use, dependable method for the production of simple structures.


The production sequence:



• Injection molding, plastic part


• Putting part in hot stamping press


• Feeding in of film system and building up pressure


• Surface-fusing of polymer through heat input


• Sheering off of the conductor path map


• Removal of the film remains





The performance characteristics:


Representable degree of complexity: Small tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png
Design variance: 2,5 D tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png
Conductor path structure width: 0,5 mm tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png
Distance btw. conductor paths: 0,5 mm tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png
Change flexibility: Medium tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png
Variant suitability: Yes tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png
Market acceptance: Good tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png
Available polymer basis: Versatile tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png