2 Component molding

The conventional and wide-spread and established two-component injection molding technology forms the basis of the MID technology. Mostly, two different plastic components are both fully automatically injected in a cycle sequence. One of the two components is metallizable and thus represents the conductor path structure.

Depending upon the complexity of the components, the structure widths and the component size, various two-component MID approaches can be chosen.



A possible production sequence:

1 2 3




• Injection-molding-metallizable component


• Second component injected over


• Partial metallization of the two-component part




The performance characteristics:


Representable degree of complexity: High tl_files/layout/img/wait-button.png
Design variance: 3 D tl_files/layout/img/ok-button.png
Conductor path structure width: 0,5 mm tl_files/layout/img/wait-button.png
Distance btw. conductor paths: 0,5 mm tl_files/layout/img/wait-button.png
Change flexibility: Small tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png
Variant suitability: No tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png
Market acceptance: Very good tl_files/layout/img/ok-button.png
Available polymer basis: Limited tl_files/layout/img/no-button.png