3D – SMD assembly

A 3D - SMD assembly poses a huge challenge to the MID technology. Handling SMD components at high speed and with much precision is what an efficient production is about.


Install or enable JAVA


In conjunction with our development partner Essemtec, we have developed a 3D pick & place automat, based upon a Paraquda series high-performance pick & place machine. Integrated in the machine base, a 6-axle robot places the component - panel bearers in the respective assembly level.


The “Paraquda 3D“ is so fast because of its three assembly heads in combination with two more feed heads. We thus can realize a wide range of 3D-MID applications at maximum speed.




In the next process step,  the panel components go through a vapor phase soldering installation. A precise temperature profile, geared to the individual components’ temperature sensitivity, makes for a process-reliable soldering of the 3D- MID products. The vapor phase allows a homogenous temperature control over a large “Z area”.


This process with its individual temperature control meets a 3D-MID component’s requirements regarding an even spatial temperature input. We here rely on the technology provided by the market leader, Rehm.