One and two-component injection molding

Injection Molding in Perfection
High-quality, perfect plastic products are composed of a multitude of parameters. Wiesauplast masters these parameters. With our injection mold fabrication being the core of our activities, we have one overall goal in mind: To be at the limits of what is technically possible.


Regardless of whether the task is to produce demanding technical products made of high-performance plastics, such as PPS, PPA or special technical PET as well as glass-fibre reinforced and high-temperature resistant polyamides, or to use modern and efficient technologies, such as the multi-component technology, the production of hybrid components, or MID components – Wiesauplast is your reliable and competent partner.


The linking of fully-automatic pre-drying and feeding as well as the use of 5-axis insertion and extraction technologies as part of complex manufacturing cells, which include inline tests, facilitate the implementation of the most demanding tasks. Highly wear-resistant plastifications combined with the very latest in process control technology, all-electric and hybrid injection molding machines result in the highest quality for all engineering plastics, also those with carbon-fibre reinforcement.


In addition, our associated pilot plant is giving us the required flexibility to finish customer projects according to schedule.