Laser-direct structuring - LDS

The new laser Fusion 1100 is the foundation of our LDS capacities.


Equipped with the latest laser unit and a state-of-the-art control technology, we are ready to set out on the large-scale-production track.


Let it be it prototype or serial production, we can do it all.


The high repeat accuracy and high laser speed attests to this new generation of devices’ efficiency.

The modular expandability and automation capacity allows customized realization concepts, geared to the job at hand.


Plant concepts that include a high-performance laser that can be equipped with up to four laser units make mass production attractive and competitive.

To be able to verify the process parameters and monitor their metallization capacity at any given point in time, we have our own lab metallization. This is indispensable if we want to run coating tests for the production of prototypes and for monitoring the processes. Lab metallization therefore augments the LDS laser.