High-Tech Plastic Systems

MIDs are “molded interconnect devices”. 


  • They represent constructive and spatial functions

  • They perform electrical and electronic functions

  • The electronic components and conductor path structures are 3D

  • MID parts mostly consist of structured metalized plastomers


The technological possibilities and variances make for the following advantages:


  • Component reduction

  • Reduction of space and weight

  • Process chain shortened

  • Mounting expenditure reduced

  • Less material used

  • More dependability through a smaller number of components

  • Suitable for high-temperature applications


These advantages


  • let the MID technology support a system’s miniaturization and integration level;

  • make for an assembly solution that can lead to huge savings when you consider overall costs;

  • make for new solutions on the basis of a new “design variance” off the beaten track;

  • lead to the development of new hybrid products in close cooperation between customer and supplier.


The most important MID production methods are:


  • the LDS technology

  • two-component injection molding

  • film insert molding

  • hot stamping